On many occasions, the decision-maker finds himself in the difficulty of not knowing what is the right decision to make. Moreover, disquiet and restlessness can settle in which would eventually fall on the service, the residents, and the surrounding staff. Nevertheless, do not panic. We would like to offer you the right advice and guidance in providing the best care to your service user. Never experience anxiety when you have to decide in relation to the task that has to be done. The nursing consultancy services were brought up from the experience and the difficulties we have been through. Then we decided that a next step has to be made in order to face the day-to-day nursing challenges.

How to access the services we provide ?

You can have all of the above tailored for the needs of your service. We do interim or project-based contracts. After we assess the service and put in place an action plan. Then it can be decided for how long the contract should be, projecting the results, and how many hours to invest per week in troubleshooting and improving the service quality. There will be clinical hours, working on the floor within the numbers. And supernumerary hours, working along the clinical team and the management team to support with issues that need fast solving actions. This would usually be similar to a clinical lead/deputy manager role’s responsibilities. However, you will have the chance to access wider expertise and professional skills dedicated to meeting your requirements and the projected results. We are hands-on tasks, having available multiple nursing tools which we have developed. Tools that have been used in many services have brought great results and we were able to identify issues unable to see by looking at a care plan. We have developed special audits, forms, and tools to bring the extra nursing touch in solving any issue.

Available nursing consultancy services

Clinical Governance Management

  • Care needs assessments
    • Pre-assessments
    • Care needs reviews
    • CHC checklist referrals and reviews
  • Staffing skill & mix assessments
  • Care plans writing and proofreading
  • Documentation Training
  • Clinical Development
  • Risk trackers to reflect the current needs and be able to reflect and actions to be put in place as required
    • Tissue Viability
    • Falls Tracker
    • Nutrition Tracker
    • Chocking Tracker
    • MCA & DOLS Tracker
  • Risk assessments
  • Mental Capacity Assessments
  • DOLS Referrals
  • Safeguarding Referrals
  • CQC Notifications
  • Clinical Governance
    • Documentation and reporting system
    • Care plans to review
    • Care plans to update
    • Reflections and Supervisions
    • Guidance and Training

Service Performance Management

  • Depency Tool Assessment
  • Skill & Mix Tool Assessment
  • Business perspective and management

Troubleshooting Nursing Services

  • Preparing for CQC inspection
  • Preparing for LA inspection
  • Support during CQC/LA inspections
  • Support with complex cases of Safeguarding concerns
  • Support with Coroner`s Court cases