Welcome to the new era of Nursing Tools

The MUST Calculator Tool

We would like to introduce to you a new MUST Calculator developed by our nurses. This calculator was put together by gathering data and feedback from current practice and our own expertise. The calculation of malnutrition risk is an important task for a nurse working within a healthcare setting and we have observed many difficulties in reaching a satisfactory result that would cover all the aspects. Especially the weight loss and what actions to put in place to reduce the risk of malnutrition and to prevent any further weight loss.

Our approach was that it is better to have a calculator that takes all the data and gives back the malnutrition risk in accordance with the BMI score, what was the weight loss for the last month, and the weight for the past 3-6 months. This is because we have seen that in practice is much different than what the guidelines say provided by Bapen or NICE or any other organization. We are not going against their guidelines at all, however, we have developed a different approach taken from current practice.

We have implemented the “Very High Risk”, that because if a service user’s weight loss is present in the current month and in the past 3-6 months then this would put the resident at very high risk now and for the future as well. Also, the ADE* (Acute Disease Effect) has been replaced with the 1-month weight loss, as this can be an indication of a new health condition. Hopefully, the MUST calculator will be a great helper in guiding you to make the best decision for your service users.