Nursing Consultancy Services

Short history

Medcare Solutions was founded in September 2019 for one scope only. To help improve services and client experience. To assist business owners and providers in becoming competitive in approach, service providing, and attracting high-quality staff. Our ethos is to help services to achieve high standards of service providing and maintain an outstanding reputation. Since then we have helped clients to reach their goals and become highly competitive in the market. Due to the pandemic, on-site services had to be stopped. However, this had made us change our approach and rethink the way we can provide nursing consultancy services. We have developed many nursing tools to assist our consultancy services and our clients in identifying issues and put in place an action plan to promote efficiency, transparency, and high-quality service.

Who we are?

Medcare Solutions is a new and innovative nursing services provider that was put together by a group of enthusiastic and dedicated nurses. Having the inherent desire to bring into the nursing profession a wider perspective of how to conduct tasks. How to provide the best person-centered care. We believe that having an outside-of-the-box mindset will result in the best outcomes. Can improve the service making it more efficient, attracting more clients, and high-quality care and nursing staff.

What we do?

The services we provide are tailored for the social care industry to improve the way your care setting is running, bringing the best experience to your clients and staff as well. The service users to have dignifying and person-centered care and staff to feel they belong to a place and their efforts are recognized and cherished. The highly experienced and motivated nurses can bring to you the most unique aid that can range from nursing consultancy services and locum shifts.

Why the social care sector?

We strongly believe that the care sector needs more attention and help due to the recent changes and the impact Covid-19 had on it. Businesses had to rethink their service performance and manage with limited resources. That is why we have brought up such a product to be the perfect aid for the care businesses. To help them perform and provide a sustainable care service to its clients. Expanding their business and continuing their adventure.

Why Nursing Consultancy?

First of all, the dedicated nurse has put together this service so that the end client experience is improved and maintained at the highest level. This can only be done by motivated professionals with motivation and hard work, persuading the same results. More than that, we believe that the care sector needs all the help it can get. More people from different backgrounds come together and put their efforts into improving the businesses. Making them more sustainable and effective as the social care sector is expanding. Keeping practical skills and knowledge up to date and in line with the newest guidelines provided by the governing bodies, such as CQC, NMC, the clinical commissioning groups, and local authorities. Working together with the NHS trusts and other guidelines makers like NICE, SCIE etc.